Tanat Boozayaangool

Game Developer



I'm Tanat (he/him)

in the daytime, i work at google making tools/APIs for devs on stadia

by night, i like making games that:

  • have a compelling artstyle
  • might make you think about life
  • have funny, haha jokes
Picture of me

here are the games I've made recently:

here are other things i've done:

VRsus guARdian

Unity, C#, VR, AR

(2016 - 2017)

Producer, Lead Engineer

A game that combines gameplay between VR and AR.

  • designed/built network infrastructure between AR & VR
  • worked closely with designer & artists
  • Tech: Unity, C#, iOS ARkit, SteamVR, Unity's HLAPI

This game represented RIT at the RPI Game Fest.

Poster of VRsus guARdian

Light Vox

C++, DirectX 12


Lead Engineer

a voxel-based game engine

  • implemented deferred rendering with DirectX 12 and pain
  • built with data-oriented design, focused on job system & ECS

Footage from Light Vox engine

here's some other prototypes I've made in the past:

Dance Music Generator (C#, Unity, HoloLens)

Solo Project - Programmer

This is an application on the HoloLens that generates a dubstep tune as the player keeps moving.

Check it out on GitHub!
Holographic 3D Ball Maze (C#, Unity, HoloLens)

Solo Project - Programmer

This is a game for the HoloLens that uses Vuforia's marker detection to let players physically tilt a paper to guide a ball through a maze.

Check it out on GitHub!
The Vacuum (C#, Unity)

Group Class Project - Lead Programmer

This is a game where players must navigate through a pitch-black maze and overcome enemies using a gun that shoots out light. I was in charge of the code infrastructure and representing the map as a graph.

Check it out on GitHub!
Train Game Engine (C++, OpenGL)

Solo Class Project - Programmer

This is a Game Engine written in C++ that uses OpenGL to handle all the graphics. Features that are implemented in the engine include physics, collision detection, lighting, and much more!

Check it out on GitHub!
SanDefense (C#, Unity)

Group Project - Programmer

This Global Game Jam '17 submission is a tower defense game where you build sand castles to fight off hermit crabs. After each wave, the ocean would wash up debris, forcing the player to adapt.

Check it out on GitHub!
Fantasy Forest (C#, Unity)

Solo Class Project - Programmer

A simulation which implements Craig Reynold's steering behaviors (such as complex path following and flocking) to create agents acting out a typical scene from an MMORPG forest.

Check it out on GitHub!
Game Jam(C#, Unity)

Group Project - Technical Artist

Made within 24 hours, this is a team-based game in which two players must coordinate to cast the correct spell and navigate the little mage through hordes of eneimes.

Check it out on GitHub!
Virtual Garden (JavaScript, Canvas)

Solo Class Project - Programmer

An interactive artwork based inspired from concepts of Gestalt Psychology. This black-and-white garden utilizes perlin noise to create life-like, soothing appearances and behaviors.

Check it out on GitHub!
Blank Canvas (C#, XNA)

Group Class Project - Lead Programmer

A platformer game where the player must drain color away from the enemy and combine them to solve puzzles and bring color back to this child-like world.

Check it out on GitHub!